Our Core Values

“Trust is a good business practice.” – Jim Blasingame

At O2Circles, we trade short-term gains for long-term credibility.

Our main focus is providing our clients with the best products.


Our Promise To You

The water filtration market in Singapore - even though essential - has a lot of sketchy dealings.  We have built our business model to exclude these dishonest practices.

Instead, we promise all our customers two things:

1. Fairness

When you buy O2Circles water filters, you know you’re paying a fair price.  We deal directly with manufacturers. That means we can afford to offer competitive rates and still turn a profit! This honest and fair pricing extends through everything we offer. (From complete water filtration systems to replacement filters) Some businesses charge a small fee on the front end. Only to raise the price of things like replacement filters and simple maintenance on the backend.  We recognize this tactic, yes… But we don’t do business like that. You won’t need to spend a fortune to keep your affordable water filters.

2. Simplicity

Our filters’ simplicity is one of our proudest business values.  We create products that everyone can enjoy. That means: You won’t need a team to install it. Oh, and you certainly won’t need a 100-page manual to understand how to use your product. Simplicity is at the core of everything we do at O2Circles. We need everyone to understand, use and enjoy our filters, regardless of their educational background.